Kaloy Olavides – (d)effectivity complex

In his most recent exhibition, Kaloy Olavides focuses on the play of language and the process of arriving at meaning(s). Still images, videos and a painting are employed as avenues in delivering messages through various communication methods. Participation of the viewer is necessary in uncovering the message as he/she will be taken into paths of different symbols and signs. Similar with the artist’s previous known works, “(d)effectivity complex” also demonstrates social, cultural and even intellectual commentary inscribed in each piece.

Olavides is a graduate of University of the Philippines, Diliman Fine Arts and has held numerous exhibitions in the Philippines, USA, Hongkong and Singapore. Popular for his performance art in his earlier works, he ventured into collage, video and sound art in recent years.




Exhibits, Gallery, Residencies, artist-run spaces, artists in residency.
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