Strange Days and Other Anomalies

What is a Strange Day?

According to artist Ramon Raphael Banzon, “A strange day is a day when one is struck out of one’s routine. It is a day where the unusual, the extraordinary and the odd seem to manifest themselves in the most peculiar of ways.” It can be something that is out of the norm or standard procedure, something that takes you aback or forces you to question your reality. Artist Mek Yambao agrees and adds, “As the days tend to get too systematic, conscious or not, there comes a shift in perception that serves as a deviation from the mediocrity of reality.” According to her, her work is inspired by thoughts and ideas beyond literal consciousness. “It’s interesting how things aren’t always what they seem”, she says. “There is something ethereal about my art that is able to conjure thoughts and ideas beyond literal consciousness. Slivers of these thoughts and ideas are oftentimes only seen through dreams that are difficult to remember. My creative process involves deciphering these dreams and depicting them on canvas. I am able to share these thoughts through the creation of absurd yet believable realities that can only be understood through an intrinsic and deeper understanding of self.”

“It is a commentary inspired by narcissistic daydreaming brought about by a dull reality”, says artist Raffy La Madrid about his work and how it pertains to his own strange days. “Beauty that is seen by the eyes can never measure up to the idealistic beauty that is perceived by the mind. Strange Days embraces the concept of chaos and confusion produced in ones psyche; because in order to stay sane, you have to go crazy.” Artist Miggy Borja seems to share the same view regarding chaos. “There is chaos in order, I believe. The world was founded on chaos afterall, and order is just an illusion, or probably the other way around. No one knows for sure, and that’s what makes it beautiful.” On the process of his art creation, he shares, “Everyday is a strange day – you sleep, you dream, you wake. My work was inspired by dreams and my dull cycle of unemployment life that had brought them about. When you are stuck in a pattern, you tend to search for fault lines and inconsistencies and they keep you sane. Chaos brought me comfort. In my work, I tried to organize all that dream chaos in a constricted canvas, and to me it made no sense at all, which is why it makes so much sense.”

What is the role of the mind in all of this? Could it be possible that strangeness is just the mind trying to rebel against boredom or could it be the mind recognizing truths and familiarities? According to artist Paul Miranda, it could be both. “The mind is a strange place. It sees, hears and feels only facts. Yet it is a master of itself, owing no responsibility to obey reality. The artist, I think, is a slave to his constant fascination in catching his mind’s visions; making tangible the intangible in a day of creation.”

In Strange days and other anomalies, artists Raphael Ramon Banzon, Miggy Borja, Paul Bryan Miranda, Rafael La Madrid and Mek Yambao discover unchartered terrain played out in unusual settings and circumstances. Through observation or pure imagination, strange encounters are conceived, which leads the mind to question its very own boundaries and re-examine what one considers “Strange”.

Ramon Raphael Banzon, Miggy Borja, Raffy La Madrid, Paul Bryan Miranda, and Mek Yambao come together in their first ever group exhibition as an official art group “Strange Days”, which opens on Sunday 6PM, November 13 at the Gallery 3 of Light and Space Contemporary.

In their show titled “Strange Days and Other Anomalies”, the group discovers unchartered terrain played out in unusual settings and circumstances. Through observat…ion or pure imagination, strange encounters are conceived, which leads the mind to question its very own boundaries and re-examine what one considers “Strange”.

The exhibit simultaneously opens with solo exhibitions of Kaloy Olavides and Beejay Esber in Galleries 1 and 2, along with performances by PINOISE: Juan Massive Noise Festival. All shows will run until November 28.



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